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Placing Bets In La Quiniela: What Is The Process? 

Lotteries are not a new thing. For years every country and place has its own set of lotteries that have craved its history and niche. Some of the lotteries are old, and some of them are new. La quiniela is one of the oldest forms of lottery played in Spain. It is a football-based lottery betting game. 

This lottery was first founded in 1946, and ever since, the format has stayed constant with very few changes here and there. In this lottery, the bettor will have to predict the outcome of the 15 football matches. The lottery has worked in paper and pen mode for the last few years. But, with time, the lottery has taken an online turn. Now, one can place bets and fill tickets online using mobile or web applications. 

Who organizes La Quiniela?

La Quiniela is organized and regulated by the public body SELAE. This historical lottery is in action since 1946, and the fund comes from the Ministry Of Finance. That is why it is regulated by Sociedad Estatal De Loterias Y Apuestas Del Estado currently known as the national mutual sports betting trust. This lottery runs as an income source for the state, but the principles are not for profit-making. 

The trust takes responsible gambling seriously. And that is why they have strict regulations on age. Only players above 18 years are allowed to bet on the lottery. The identification and verification process is a must for participating in the lottery. 

Also, there is a banning rule in place. If the committee finds any bettor to break any rule of the lottery, they will be banned from participation. 

Placing bets using a computer

One will have to the official site of the regulating body of the La Quiniela. After this, go to the lottery page and start filling the blocks. The blocks have 15 columns that represent 15 matches from the Spanish league about to happen. One will have to fill in the prediction, 1 for home team victory, 2 for another team win, and X for a draw. One will have to fill in the goals for each match as well. 

Other than straightforward betting, one can also place various other types of bets like conditioned bets, multiple bets, choose 8, and reduced bets. After placing the bets, click on the confirm button.

Placing bets using the phone

There is an application that can be installed on the phone. The application is compatible with phone iPhone and Android OS. After downloading the application, one will have to enter their details and identification to get verified. After getting verified, one can start filling out the lottery form. After this, click on the confirm button, and their bet amount will get deducted from the account directly. It allows the players to track the results in real-time. It is helpful as one will not have to get access to a computer or a physical ticket. 

 La Quiniela at is one of the popular football lotteries out there. However, with technological advancements, one no more one needs to buy paper tickets, fill them in, and submit them at the counter. Now, one can use their computer or phone to place bets and check results. 

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