Make Use of Long-Shots To Improve Your Winning Chances in Lottery

The lottery is a popular way for people to have fun and earn. It is not a new concept but has been around for now. Everyone wants to win a lottery. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a jackpot overnight, right? The question is how eagerly you want to win. If you are serious about lotteries, you might have your web search full of ‘Learning how to win the lottery’ statements. 

Serious lottery players worldwide are searching for the patterns that will work in their favor. It seems like they might have become successful in doing so. One lottery strategy that has the edge over and is proven to deliver the results is Longshots. It utilizes all the patterns of lottery numbers to exist. 

Getting acquainted with longshots

If you are familiar with the world of lottery, you might know what longshots are, but if not, no worries. Let’s start with some history and definitions.

A decade earlier, a lottery strategy became quite popular, and with it came a marketing hype. Let’s call the strategy ‘Hot Number Strategy.’ The strategy went something like this:

As more than 80% of all lottery winning numbers come within the last drawings, create the playlist from the winners of the last ten lottery results. It will significantly increase your winning chances. 

Well, it does sound plausible. Any lottery number that hasn’t been seen in the last ten drawings is a dubious pick. And this is why these lottery numbers are called Longshots. The name persists even today. For any lottery strategy to work, longshots have to be there. 

All the players who have been entangled in the Hot Number Strategy did learn a valuable lesson. Wondering what it is. Keeping longshots away from the technique turned it into a disaster. Longshots are crucial for any lottery technique to succeed, as around 24-40% of winning lotteries are longshots. It is not an exaggeration but is surprisingly accurate.

The above fact has been actual for every lottery conducted in the US and Canada for many years. The percentage, however, keeps changing due to the change in the size of the lottery. For instance, the percentage for 6/52 is higher when compared to 6/44. You can be assured that this pattern of lottery numbers is as solid as a rock. 

Verifying the data

The data quoted above is simple to verify with the help of lottery software programs. Write down all the winning lottery numbers of the past ten years. The number absent in the list is a long shot. Take note of the winning numbers for the next drawing that turns out to be longshots. You can do this for the whole lottery history. The average of the winning numbers will lie in the 25-40% range. 

It is hard to imagine a lottery strategy excluding the longshots. Serious and professional players use it everywhere. And this is what is termed as playing the odds. Successful gamblers around the world play the odds only. 

Next time you set out to participate in a lottery, don’t follow the herd but take your time to implement the longshots in your gameplay. 

James Norris’s editorial director. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from New York University and a BA in English Language and Literature from Rutgers.