Critical information associated with of ramp agent 

Ramp agents or commonly known as baggage handlers and fleet service agents. A lot of preparations need to be made for a car for a plane to leave the airport. After all, the safety of people is essential at the most critical point. 

The ramp agents are the professionals to check out whether the plane is secure to leave the airport. The function is to check out the airplane carefully while loading the luggage. 

If the plane needs any service and the terminals, it is basically done by the ramp agents. The primary responsibility of the agents is to load and unload the baggage along with the cargo and mails. 

Here you will understand the entire things about the ramp agent, which involves their responsibilities, educational requirements, and the ramp agent’s salary needs to be expected.

Who is the ramp agent?

It’s essential that the working condition is safe and sound. It needs to be safe for the people who are working and for whom they are performing. It requires the professionals to work before letting anything be in action. 

Similarly, when it comes to loading and unloading the baggage, it needs several tasks to be performed. Operating and accomplishing the study are assigned to the ramp agents. 

They have the ability and skills to investigate the background of the plane and are ready to leave. In addition, they take responsibility for maintaining all types of equipment maintenance.

 The working of the ramp agents is majorly done in the four-team teams, and they are available for 24 hours services. However, the schedule can be done according to day and night.

What do they do?

The ramp agent is responsible for loading the 4–7 aircraft a day. Their basic responsibilities include –

  • They monitor everything for boarding or Planning by keeping the customer safety in mind. The best part is they are friendly nature to handle things.
  • They sustain the safety and security of the rank efficiently.
  • They transfer the cargo to passengers.
  • They keep in touch with the flight crew.
  • Cabin maintenance is also done by the ramp agent, for example, to clean the exterior and interior of the place. 
  • They check up the equipment carefully and store them in the right place.
  • They preserve in touch with the clients through the telephone or the internet.
  • They also give the direction at the time of heavy snowfall or storms.

How much do they earn? 

The salary of the ramp agent depends on several factors. The most important factor on which it depends is the working area. Some of the places are pretty good at offering the ramp agents the best salaries. But it also depends on the company for whom they are working and their requirement of the job. Estimating the per year salary, then it is around $30,000. In addition, It is pretty good for them, especially when they have high skills in the field.

Responsibilities and requirements –

To earn better income as a rampage and there are some specific responsibilities and requirements they must have, such as –


  • Parking the departing and arriving aircraft.
  • Properly maintaining the baggage, cargo, and mail
  • Loading and unloading the goods properly


  • They need to have the high school diploma
  • Better the time management skills
  • They must have the ability to work under pressure
  • Having a very driver’s license
  • Includes a training program
  • Previous working experience
  • Communication skills and knows the teamwork

Overall, the above mention is the entire details based on the ramp agent. Check out to learn about their work, in fact.

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