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Amazing smoke grills to purchase online

Traeger grills are the hot new thing in backyard cooking. They’ve become so popular that they’re now available at major home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot, but they aren’t cheap.

If you want to get a good pellet grill for your yard or garage (or even an apartment), then you should consider getting the Traeger pellet griller. It is a great choice if you have some experience cooking on other grills. You can quickly learn how to use it, but it does take time.

Pellet smokers rated are made of compressed sawdust from wood chips. They’re a little different than charcoal because they burn hotter and more consistently, and they don’t need any lighter fluid or starter fluid. Plus, they create less smoke than charcoal, making them healthier for you and your family.

The Traeger has four main parts – the hopper, pellet feeder, auger, and firebox. The hopper holds pellets and will often be loaded by you when you first set up your grill.

The feeder takes the pellets out of the hopper and delivers them to the auger which pushes them into the firebox. As the pellets cook, ash falls down through the auger and into the ash container below it. At this point, you just dump the ashes out once a week or so and refill the ash container. It’s not hard to clean!

Size Matters

When deciding what size Traeger you want to buy, there are two important things to consider. First, make sure you can easily move it around inside your house or garage. If you live in apartments, you might also need to factor in the height of the ceilings. If the ceiling is high enough, you can place the grill directly over heat vents and not worry about it blocking the air flow.

Second, make sure you have enough room for the grill to fit. You’ll have to leave space between the bottom of the grill and whatever surface you plan to cook on. A large grill is going to require a larger area, so you may want to think about moving your patio furniture aside for a few weeks.

A small grill, on the other hand, can easily go under most tables and stools. This makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

Which Kind of Traeger?

There are three basic types of Traeger grills: standard, pro and gourmet. The standard model looks very similar to a regular gas grill. It comes standard with a burner and an electronic controller that controls the temperature. There is no ash container because the ash goes right back into the firebox. It doesn’t really matter which kind of standard grill you get, as long as it suits your needs.

The Pro Series grill is designed specifically to handle larger amounts of food. It has a larger heating element and bigger ash bin. The biggest difference between the Pro Grill and the standard grill is that it comes with a digital control panel instead of an electronic controller. If you choose the Pro grill, you’ll also need a remote starter, which allows you to turn the grill on without having to walk up to it.

Finally, the Gourmet grill is the best choice for any serious chef. It has a special grate called the “infinity” rack that is taller than the rest of the grill and lets you grill thicker foods like whole chickens. The Gourmet grill is also available in a stainless steel version. It is much easier to clean than the original ceramic-coated grill and won’t rust as easily.

How Often Should You Clean Your Traeger Grill?

In general, cleaning a Traeger is quite simple. Just remove the lid, dump the ashes into a bucket and wash everything else with soap and water. Make sure to wipe everything down before putting back the lid. When you’re done, dry off everything with paper towels and put the lid back on.

However, you’ll want to pay attention to the instructions that come with your grill. Many companies recommend using a specific type of brush or scraper to clean their grills. Some recommend using vinegar and water while others suggest lemon juice. Whatever method you decide to use, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly.

It isn’t necessary to do anything too fancy to clean your Traeger grill. However, if you do want to give it a thorough scrubbing, you can always add a little baking soda to the acid solution you use. Baking soda neutralizes acids like vinegar, lemon juice and soap. Then simply rinse everything well and let it dry completely.

Where Can I Buy Traeger Grills?

While many stores carry Traeger grills, you’ll find them easiest to locate online. Most sites offer both standard and pro models. Prices start at $399 for a basic 20 pound grill and go up to around $900 for a 40 pound option.

When looking for a Traeger grill, you also want to make sure that you buy from a reputable company. To ensure that you’ll get a quality product, check out our list of top rated Traeger brands here.

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