All That You Need to Know About the BTS bias quiz

Boy band BTS is undoubtedly the most well-known in Korean pop music. Numerous American television shows and red carpet events now often include the band due to their global fame, which is fantastic for the band’s many fans. BTS bias exam may inspire even more people to join the military.

Take this test to find out who in BTS you should root for, even if you just know a few songs off-by-heart or have only heard them a few times. Also, don’t forget that having two biases is quite OK; one of them may be your bias destroyer! It’s hard to choose a favorite member in a group as diverse and wonderful as this one!

For those who already know the bts bias quiz members well, you may skip the quiz and find out what your prejudices really are at the end. You may not be familiar with any of these individuals; if so, I’d like to tell you a little something about them. The squad consists of seven members in total!


Discover who’s in charge of the gang for the first time. For those who don’t know him, Kim Namjoon, better known by his stage moniker Rap Monster (RM), is an intelligent and conscientious guy in real life. In addition to his rap parts, BTS fans appreciate the many excellent songs he has contributed to creating.

His mastery of English is the best in the band, and this is an exciting fact about RM. He considers himself to be an authority on the subject (thanks to Friends). When others speak English in interviews, you can almost see him squirm with disgust at the sound of their pronunciation.

Even though she is the group’s unofficial mother, Jin Jin (who is really Kim Seokjin in real life) has a habit of being interrupted by dad jokes. Jin often reminds us that he is “Worldwide Handsome” in all of his interviews. The work you put into this BTS quiz is recognized and appreciated.

He’s a superb vocalist who has a significant impact on many of BTS’s songs

Suga Suga, whose actual name is Min Yoongi, is not only the group’s rapper but also an excellent composer. On the other side, his solo project Agust D shows that he can sing as well.

Suga’s new fans may think he’s grumpy, but the Army knows him as a lovely and funny guy when he’s being himself.


Stay out of harm’s way! Get ready to see some sun up and personal! Of course, this is all in good fun. What a positive attitude on life J-Hope, Jung Hoseok has! He is the room’s beam of sunshine. One of the BTS rappers and dancers, J-Hope, is also a group member. This person is known to be energetic and boisterous but positive.

The Jimin’sPark In terms of personality Jimin is the group’s extrovert and the cutest thing in the bunch to boot. The man is outgoing and friendly, and he enjoys being around others. It’s evident in Jimin’s excellent singing, and energetic dancing moves that he’s a hard worker. He thinks he’s obese at times doesn’t stop others from admiring his abs.


At the age of twenty-one, Jeon Jungkook is the group’s newest member (known as Golden Maknae). Lie disseminating is aided by his incredible singing voice, his ability to dance, and the fact that he is the band’s second visual.

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