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This show watches viral videos so you don't have to. Though we can't image why you would want to do that.

The show became more than "Don Draper in the '80s," but the ratings were miniscule.

A new clip highlights the immersive world Steven Soderbergh has created for the series.

Netflix has released the first two minutes of the show's final season.

The trailer for next season gives us a peek at what happens in Terminus and beyond.

FOX did a better job than most with the names of their fall pilots.

The consensus from the Television Critics Association tour: there’s not much to get excited about this fall.

Plus: The Community panel and a clip from Star Wars Rebels.

Plus Warren Ellis is making a TV show, Ted Cruz disses True Blood, and Dana Scully raps about science!

When the sun is in the sky, the Food Network is on my TV, and there’s nearly nothing on the channel I won’t watch this time of year.