James Brolin Reveals He’s Returning to ‘Castle’

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We don’t usually find ourselves with scoops here at Antenna Free TV, but you never know when you’re going to luck into a piece of information that no one else has, which is exactly what happened when I chatted with James Brolin yesterday.

It was about as far from a scoop-seeking situation as you can get, really: the interview had come about in conjunction with his upcoming Hallmark Movie Channel film, Christmas with Tucker, and once we’d finished chatting about that, my biggest concern was making sure that I had a chance to ask him about the experience of having guest-starred on Community as Jeff Winger’s father earlier this year.

After he discussed that role, however, which he admitted that he’d taken on because his daughter had all but ordered him to do so, Brolin added that “more fun, and more in my taste, was when I did the episode of Castle for a friend of mine who produces the show, Armyan Bernstein. He said, ‘Please come and do this one shot,’ this other father, who they’ve been talking about for five years and who was an assassin who never knew his son. So I read it, and we discussed how we might make the role more interesting, and we were very successful at that.”

Then, in as casual a manner as you can imagine, Brolin revealed, “And now I’ve just gotten a call saying, ‘Could we do it again?’ And I said, ‘Well, there’s no reason for me to do another episodic show…unless I can show you the complete other side of this character, the one you might be afraid of. Rather than you finding out he’s a good guy, you find out he’s good in front, but…well, anyway, I said, ‘If I’m gonna do another one, I’d like to have it as talked-about as the first one.’ So I start Castle again on… I go to New York next week, and then I start Castle the following Monday.”

Apparently, this is breaking news.

Not that there hadn’t been talk of bringing Brolin back – on July 22, TV Guide’s William Keck noted that executive producer Andrew Marlowe was planning the return of Castle’s father – but this seems to be the first confirmation that it’s actually happening.

You’re welcome, Castle fans!


  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!! YAY!!!! I LOVE THIS!! And wow! The darker side, huh! That should be interesting!!! Can’t WAIT!!! I love this show! :D

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