AFT #64: Homeland, The Voice, Lena Dunham, Survivor and more

We recorded this week’s podcast on the “magical” date 12-12-12, while the massive 12-12-12 charity concert was playing all over TV, so we start things there:

  • We talk about charity concerts and telethons like 12-12-12, and how annoyed we’d be if we called in a pledge and got Andy Dick on the phone instead of, say, George Clooney (00:00 – 10:00),
  • We then preview the finale of The Voice and discuss why Trevin Hunte blew it, why Christina Aguilera has worn out her welcome, why a singer is almost better off losing, and why you don’t need the grand prize record contract to be successful anymore (10:00 – 39:00),
  • Then we talk about the best Survivor season in ages, and how well Lisa Welchel is doing… and she’s doing it in an honorable way! (39:00 – 49:00),
  • We then talk about the SAG Awards nominees (The Golden Globes nominations came after we recorded; we’ll discuss them next week), why The Office got a nod for best ensemble while Parks and Rec didn’t, and why the nominations feel like they were made by rote (49:00 – 55:15),
  • Then we talk about the latest backlash against Lena Dunham of “Girls,” and wonder why people hate her so much. We also talk about hate-watching and professional jealousy, even outing ourselves for having those ugly feelings (55:15 – 1:18:15),
  • Finally, we talk about the eventful next-to-last episode of Homeland’s season, and where the heck the show can possibly go from here (we’re not sure, to be honest). We also speculate if the show has fallen from the ranks of “special” shows (1:18:15 – 1:42:54).

You can listen to the podcast above (if you don’t hear anything, fiddle with the volume slider), download it via this link, subscribe to our RSS feed, or subscribe via iTunes. You can also find us on the Stitcher radio app for smartphones and iPads.

By the way, the bumper music is “Trevor Trailer Trash” from the late, great band Cropduster.

Joel Keller is one of the co-founders of Antenna Free TV and co-hosts the weekly AFT Podcast. A long time ago, he left a career rebooting servers to write about TV and other fun stuff (though his ulterior motive was to write off his cable on his income taxes). At the time, he was writing for the late, great site TV Squad, where he eventually became editor-in-chief. Since those heady days, he's written about TV and other topics for The New York Times, The A.V. Club,, Fast Company's Co.Create, Vulture, Zap2It and elsewhere.


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