AFT #61: Thanksgiving TV traditions, Chevy Chase leaves Community, Cancellations, Whitney, griping about interviews and more

Happy Thanksgiving! Joel and Jason sat down the night before turkey day — right after Joel watched Charlie Brown miss the football yet again — and talked about their plans for the big day. We also talked about some news and some other topics:

  • We start by talking about our Thanksgiving TV traditions, and Joel talks about why the Macy’s parade would never fly on TV today if it were a new production (00:00 – 20:00),
  • Joel just got turned down for an interview by George Takei, of all people — someone he easily got interviews with when he wasn’t the king of Facebook. Jason and Joel talk about George and other TV stars that have become much harder interview “gets” over the last few years (we’re looking at you, Louis C.K.!) Don’t worry; it’s more fun than bitchy (20:00 – 39:00),
  • We then talk about the horrible season premiere of Whitney, why the show’s so bad, whether Whitney Cummings is stretching herself thin because of her three shows, and how 2 Broke Girls has gone from saying “vagina” all the time to saying “anal” as a punchline (39:00 – 49:00),
  • CBS cancelled Partners, and ABC cancelled 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort. We talk about why Last Resort should have been on cable, and then we talk about whether NBC is making a mistake by giving it’s biggest new show, Revolution, four months off (spoiler alert: we think they are) (49:00 – 1:01:00),
  • Chevy Chase finally left Community. We talk about why he left, why his behavior shouldn’t be a surprise, and why a lot of the not-so-nice things he said were actually right on the money (1:01:00 – 1:10:30),
  • Finally, we talk about Discovery cancelling the long-running reality hit Dirty Jobs, why Mike Rowe was such a good host, and why shows like that and Pawn Stars — and not Hardcore Pawn — should be the reality model cable channels follow (1:10:30 – 1:32:29).

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By the way, the bumper music is “Trevor Trailer Trash” from the late, great band Cropduster.


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