AFT #60: Walking Dead, Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, why networks are staying with low-rated shows, Nashville, The Voice and more

Our friend Mekeisha Madden Toby of MSN and the TV Madness podcast joined us by phone because her Skype was making her sound all robot-y, but she still more than able to keep up with us as we talked about a bunch of TV topics:

  • We start by talking more about the shows we’ve dumped off our watch lists, but Mekeisha does a convincing job of trying to get us back into Boardwalk Empire (06:00 – 13:40),
  • Then we talked about The Walking Dead post all of the shit hitting the fan, and speculate on whether the Governor / Woodbury storyline is dragging the show down right now, and the particular “vibe” we see between Andrea and Michonne (13:40 – 39:10),
  • We then talk about the very soapy, not all that great episode of Homeland from this past Sunday, while laughing at how much SNL’s Homeland sketch pretty much nailed what’s funny about the show (39:10 – 1:00:00),
  • We then talked about why networks are sticking with shows like Mob Doctor and Partners, which should have been canceled by now due to low ratings, and giving low-rated shows like Ben and Kate, The Mindy Project and Nashville full seasons (1:00:00 – 1:11:20),
  • In that discussion, we also talk about why it seems like Ben and Kate is praised by critics even though it’s warm but not all that funny right now, and The Neighbors gets raked over the coals, despite the big, dumb laughs it delivers (1:11:20 – 1:24:30),
  • After Mekeisha leaves, we talk about Nashville for a little while longer, and wonder why the network isn’t promoting the music more (we thought the songs weren’t on iTunes, but it looks like they are) (1:24:30 – 1:29:40),
  • Finally, we talk about the second live week of The Voice, and how much more exciting the remaining singers are than we’ve seen in past seasons (1:29:00 – 1:55:22).

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By the way, the bumper music is “Trevor Trailer Trash” from the late, great band Cropduster.


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