AFT #58: Full-season pickups, cancellations, Homeland twist, Don’t Trust the B, Happy Endings, The Neighbors, stunt casting and more

It’s one of those weeks where we talk about a little of this, a little bit of that:

  • Because both of our teams were bounced from the baseball playoffs, we talk about the ads that FOX and TBS repeated until they drove us nuts, and we wondered if the networks did The X Factor and Cougar Town a disservice by having their announcers do uncomfortable promos for those shows (00:00 – 20:00),
  • Then we talked about Animal Practice getting the heave ho by NBC, and if Whitney will do anything in that Wednesday slot (20:00 – 24:00),
  • We then discuss FOX’s rain-delay-induced scheduling follies with The X Factor and if it hurt the show at all (it got picked up for a third season). We then talk about The Voice idiotically projecting the steals in the battle rounds, and what we think this new “knockout round” will look like (24:00 – 39:30),
  • We then discussed AMC and Dish Network finally coming to a settlement, and why these kinds of disputes are going to just increase from here on out. Speaking of AMC, we talk about The Walking Dead’s second episode of the third season and why we think it’s becoming the show it was always meant to be (39:30 – 51:00),
  • Then we talk about CBS picking up Elementary and Vegas, and why Vegas would be better on a cable network (51:00 – 57:00),
  • Both Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 premiered this week, and we talk about how both shows are finding their strides but might struggle on a very busy night for comedy (57:00 – 1:16:00),
  • We then talk about the shocking Homeland twist from this past Sunday, and what that might mean for the direction of the show (1:16:00 – 1:27:00),
  • We talk about why comedy is judged differently than it used to, using the funny-but-dumb The Neighbors as the main example (1:27:00 – 1:38:00),
  • Finally, we talk about the very jarring casting of Ashley Tisdale and Joel McHale in guest roles on Sons of Anarchy, and other examles where stunt casting sucked all the life out of a show (1:38:00 – 1:56:36).

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By the way, the bumper music is “Trevor Trailer Trash” from the late, great band Cropduster.

Joel Keller is one of the co-founders of Antenna Free TV and co-hosts the weekly AFT Podcast. A long time ago, he left a career rebooting servers to write about TV and other fun stuff (though his ulterior motive was to write off his cable on his income taxes). At the time, he was writing for the late, great site TV Squad, where he eventually became editor-in-chief. Since those heady days, he's written about TV and other topics for The New York Times, The A.V. Club,, Fast Company's Co.Create, Vulture, Zap2It and elsewhere.


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