AFT #57: The Walking Dead, the Presidential debates, Fey and Poehler, Mockingbird Lane, cancellations, product placement and more

Surprise! Joel decided to ditch the vacation, which he discusses with Jason at the top of the podcast. We tried to keep this brief since there wasn’t a ton of news, and we managed to keep this under 90 minutes:

  • After talking about vacation ditching, we talked about the presidential debates, why the format generally stinks, and what alternate formats the debates should take (we think a Bravo-reunion-type format, hosted by Andy Cohen, would be great) (08:00 – 24:15),
  • Then we talked about the third season premiere of The Walking Dead and its stunning ratings — ratings that beat about 80% of the shows on the big four networks (24:15 – 43:00),
  • We then discuss the first show to get cancelled this year, Made in Jersey (we taped before Animal Practice got the ax), and why DVR numbers might be prompting networks to hang on to shows a little longer than in the recent past. Speaking of DVRs, we also veer off into talking about how product placement in shows is getting more blatant (43:00 – 59:30),
  • We then discussed the Bryan Fuller/Bryan Singer remake of The Munsters called Mockingbird Lane, and why NBC is airing the expensive pilot as a Halloween special next week (59:30 – 1:10:00),
  • Then we talk about Beyonce getting the Super Bowl halftime show, why Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are going to kick ass hosting the Golden Globes, and why there’s a big Ricky Gervais backlash (1:10:00 – 1:20:00),
  • Finally, we talk about very briefly about the battle rounds of The Voice, why the new steal feature works and why the coaches seem to be their own worst enemies (1:20:00 – 1:27:30).

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By the way, the bumper music is “Trevor Trailer Trash” from the late, great band Cropduster.


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