Why do Emmy viewers give repeat awards for Breaking Bad a pass but get irritated by Modern Family's wins? The reason is pretty simple.

Peter Capaldi adds an air of mystery to the Doctor as he begins to put his stamp on the character.

The wife of Bill Masters is being made into a monster this season. Yes, even worse than Betty Draper.

The latest version of the Dumas classic is a lot of fun, but 'Doctor Who' star Peter Capaldi is the best part of it.

Why do fans of a popular book series need to ruin it for everyone when the TV series goes its own way?

Robin Williams was at his (mostly) funny best on late-night talk shows over the last 35 years. But the short format never gave time for the real Robin to come out.

This week, Jason and Joel feel their feelings about all the repeat winners at the Emmys, then talk about Doctor Who, Friends "reunion" madness, Amazon's new shows and more.


Where most celebrities are beloved for being larger than life, Garner was adored for being life-sized.

The cable network's funny new relationship comedies mix smart, raunchy humor with honest characters.

I’ll be damned if FX's 10-part mini wasn’t among the finest seasons of TV drama I’ve seen in a long time.