FOX's highly-anticipated Batman prequel shows potential, but is a little too happy with itself.

FOX's treacly teen drama doesn't work as either a teen show or a medical show.

Debra Messing plays a cop (?) who somehow can't catch catch crooks and control her kids at the same time.

This show watches viral videos so you don't have to. Though we can't image why you would want to do that.

The FX drama still has a lot of senseless violence and other holes. But, boy will our critic miss it when it's gone.

The legendary duo are pretty busy guys, especially Penn. But these two shows emphasize magic over personality.

This week, Jason and Joel talk about the NFL's problems this fall and if CBS and other broadcast partners can be objective, premieres of New Girl, Mindy Project, Red Band Society, Mysteries of Laura, and more.


Where most celebrities are beloved for being larger than life, Garner was adored for being life-sized.

The cable network's funny new relationship comedies mix smart, raunchy humor with honest characters.

I’ll be damned if FX's 10-part mini wasn’t among the finest seasons of TV drama I’ve seen in a long time.